Adobe Illustrator


I learned to use a new app, instead of using Adobe photoshop I used Adobe Illustrator. The shapes and coloring I already knew how to do. The squiggly line and normal line were kind of complicated to get to change color since they don’t take a shape.

3D Soda Can

soda can view1soda can view2soda can view3

I learned to make my first 3D image ever, it’s not as complicated as I thought it would be. The line I thought I would find confusing weren’t. I was able to work through them. The easiest part was adding the plank and the scoreboard. Nothing was difficult the whole thing was easy. It’s easy to get the hang of.

Clock Animation


In this assignment I was able to practice my animation skills. In the previous one the Create Frame Animation steps were complicated, but I figured it out on my own without help this time. Everything else was as easy as it was the first time with the rocket animation. 

Rocket Animation



In this project I learned to make my first animation. I made the countdown have a pattern of time. I learned how to hide the rest of the number and the flame until they were needed. It was a quick thing to do, almost 30 steps. It was simple.




Wood Text

Tongue and groove wooden planks

In this assignment I learned to put many layers in one.  And how to edit each individually and not let them cross over. I learned how to make shadows and how to edit them.